Botany Department

The executive committee of Deva Nagri Shiksha Samiti decided to start undergraduate classes in Biology group in 1964 and appointed Dr. N.P. Saxena as Head of Botany Department. He joined D.N. College on 12 July 1965 and thus the department came into existence. The Post Graduate Classes started in 1982 with 10 students. Now there are 20 seats in P.G. as sanctioned by the University.

Department Faculty

Dr.(Smt.) Everest Shiwach
(Associate Professor & Head)
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Dr.(Smt.) Shefali Poonia
(Associate Professor)
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Dr.(Smt.) Anshu Dhaka
(Assistant Professor)
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The Building

Initially the department started in two small rooms and a laboratory which could accommodate only 20 students. In 1970 a building segment comprising of a spacious lab, a museum cum herbarium and two stores were added from a grant of U.G.C. New Delhi. A lecture room, two staff and an office was also provided by the college for the department. An identical building segment was again added by the college on the first floor in 1999-2000, comprising of a laboratory, a lecture room and a staff room.

Teaching Faculty

Dr. N.P. Saxena joined the department as HOD in 1965. A year later Dr. H. Kumar joined in 1966. Thereafter it was joined by Dr. D.K. Agarwal (1968). Dr. R.D. Gaur (1969), Dr. (Mrs.) Purnima (1971), Dr. A.K. Sharma (1971), Dr. (Smt) Ila Prakash (1972) and Dr. S.C. Jain (1974). Dr. A.K. Shukla sought transfer from Agra College, Agra. and joined the department in 1999. When Dr. N.P. Saxena retired in 2000, Dr. H. kumar took charge as HOD. Smt. Everest Shiwach and Dr. Shefali Poonia joined the department in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Dr. S.C. Jain became HOD in 2009. Dr. Ila Prakash and Dr. A.K. Sharma retired in 2009 while Dr. A.K. Shukla retired in 2013. Dr. Anshu Dhaka joined the department in 2010.

The Library

The Department has a separate library for P.G. and Research students. It has 6600 books and many Journals like JIBS, Current Science, Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Indian Journal of Plant Physiology, Indian Journal of Air Pollution Control, etc. besides it has a large collection of Annual Reviews in different disciplines of Botany. The Library also has Photostat facility, computer with internet facility.

Teaching and Results, Assingments and Seminars

Besides normal black board teaching, we use visual aids likes O.H.P and L.C.D. in teaching. Computer and WiFi Internet Facility also available to the students. Internal evaluation of students is done by Class Tests, Quizzes and Seminars. The results of the department remain excellent and our students secure position in the university.The position obtained by our students of university level are 2008 Batch-2nd 2009 Batch 3rd and 10th, 2010 Batch 8th and 2012 Batch 2nd 4th. One student has qualified GATE exam in 2011.

The Department has attained excellent result in University examination with students of M. Sc Scoring position in the merit list of the University

2014-15 : Deepti Mishra 2nd position
                Pooja Yadav 4th Position
2015-16 : Sajad Hussain 2nd Position
                Vasundhara 3rd Position
2017-18 : Salim 1st Position
                Damini 2nd Position
                Shivani Arya 4th Position

Department has also achieved success by guiding and providing facilities for students to qualify competitive examination. Students have cleared NET and GATE examination.
Pooja Yadav - NET JRF (Dec, 2016)
Deepti Mishra - GATE (2017)
Manish Kumar Lomas - NET JRF (June, 2017)


The college provided basic equipments from the beginning but a significant addition came through COSIP and the leadership projects run by department of Botany, C.C.S. University - Meerut. The undergraduate department was deemed so well equipped that the university recognized it as a center of research in 1975-76, much before the start of post graduate classes. At the presents the department is very rich in equipment we have Phase Contrast Microscopes, Trinocular Microscope, pH meter, Colorimeter, Spectrophotometer, Digital balance, Autoclave, Oven, Centrifuge, BOD incubator, Laminar flow, culture room and necessary chemicals and glassware. The department has offered research facilities in the field of Floral morphology, Developmental Morphology, Embryology, Mycology, Pathology, Ecology, Ecophysiology. So far 33 students have been awarded Ph.D. and 04 students are registered Ph.D. thesis . About 102 research papers have been published so far. Two students received Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship during their research work.


The faculty members frequently members frequently attend conferences and seminars organized on plant sciences by different institutions. We also organize National Seminars in the college on different aspect and modern trends in plant sciences. In the National Seminar Organisation in February 2008, Dr. Pachauri, Padma, Vibhushan and Ex. Chairman of Inter governmental Panel on Chimate Change, (IPCC), a Nobel Peace Prize winning organisation, was the Keynote speaker. The national seminars organized in by our department in March 2012 was sponsored by U.G.C.

Excursion and Educational Tours

Ever since its inception the department has been organizing excursions to different parts of the country such as Mussoorie, Nanital, Ranikhet, Shimla, Kullu Manali, Srinagar, Dwarka, etc. Moreover local excursions to nearby places are also organized regularly. As a result of excursions the department has become rich in class materials and museum specimens.

Social Awareness Programmes

We organize exhibitions on environment conservation in the department as part of social awareness. In 2010, the exhibition was inaugurated by Shri S.K. Sharma, Honourable Commissioner of Meerut. In 2011, exhibition was inaugurated by Shri L.K. Verma, District Forest Officer Meerut and in 2012, exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Y.Vimla, CCS university Meerut. the e Moreover programmes on World Earth Day, Environments day and International Ozone day are also organized. A social awareness rally against the use of polythene bags was also organized.

Botanical Garden

We have a Botanical Garden in the college premises having a variety of plants of botanical interest.

Soil Testing Lab

We have established a Soil Testing Lab in the Department where we provide facilities to the farmers and the people interested to get their soil and water samples tested for various deficiencies and impurities.