Chemistry Department


  • There are seventeen sanctioned posts in the department. Presently there are Six faculty members in the department. Vishrut Chaudhary is the head of the department and other members are Smt. Sujata Malik,Dr. Deepali Jain, Dr. Yeshowardhana, Dr. Deepak Kumar and Dr. Sakshi Chaudhary.
  • During this academic session Seven part time lecturers with excellent academic records have joined the faculty to share the responsibility.

Department Faculty

Vishrut Chaudhary
(Head and Assisstant professor)
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Dr.Deepali Jain
(Associate professor)

(on leave)

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Dr. Yeshowardhana
(Associate professor)
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Dr. Deepak Kumar
(Associate professor)
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Dr. Sakshi Chaudhary
(Associate professor)
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Ms Sujata Malik
(Associate professor)

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  • The department of Chemistry was founded in the year 1958 when undergraduate classes started.
  • The postgraduate classes started in 1964.We have got specialization in Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry.
  • The department has a glorious past. Many eminent faculty members who had served in the past are Dr. J.K. Khanna, (a well known author of many post graduate and under graduate level books) Dr. S.P. Gupta (a great academician and researcher who became our principal ), Dr. O.P. Malik (he became professor in Hisar Agriculture University, Hisar), Dr. S.K. Sharma, Dr. K.N. Sharma, Dr. B. Dass, Dr. S.N. Rastogi, Dr. K. Lal, Dr. V.P. Kudesia, Dr. R. Swaroop, Dr. U.K. Jetley Dr. K.B. Kumar, Dr. Jai Singh, Dr. S.K. Srivastava Dr. R.C. Aggarwal D.C.M Sharma, Dr. A.K. Mishra and Dr. Sarita Rani


  • There is a unified syllabus approved by UGC for post graduate and under graduate classes.
  • An interdisciplinary approach is adopted so that students acquire knowledge of computer, mathematics, life sciences, environment & pollution etc. and interact with other departments.
  • They are encouraged to adopt civic behavior, nation building, social cohesion so that they become good smartians.


  • The faculty members take their post graduate classes in e- class room by making power point presentations and by using over head projectors.
  • The students participate in group discussions for better understanding of the subject. They are encouraged to deliver power point presentations of their weekly seminars on allotted topics.
  • The photocopies of lectures and seminar topics are distributed amongst students.
  • The teachers regularly take help of teaching aids like charts, models, etc. for under graduate classes.
  • The post graduate students are constantly evaluated internally as per semester system of university examination.
  • There is annual system of examination for under graduate classes. Half yearly examinations are conducted regularly for them to prepare for their annual evaluation.
  • The students feedback is encouraged for better performance of the teachers.


  • The department has been projected as ‘Star Department’ for the award of “College with Potential for Excellence” (CPE) in the year 2010.
  • The CPE grant allotted to the department has been utilized to purchase many computers, LCD projectors, visualizers, photocopiers, chemicals, equipments, glassware and many post graduate level books for library.
  • Dr. Shiromani Sharma became coordinator Science in National Seminar on “Recent trends in Advancement of Mathematical and Physical Sciences” in our college in 2012.
  • Dr. Shiromani Sharma has become convener, Board of Studies and Research Degree Committee of Chemistry in C. C. S. university, Meerut since 2013.
  • The Vice Chancellor has appointed Dr. Yeshowardhana as Dy. Controller of evaluation and moderation in university examination.
  • Dr. Deepak Kumar has been selected to undergo three months N.C.C. officer training in Nagpur. He has organized AIDS awakening rally, blood donation camps, human rights day rally and various others social activities.


  • The department has been made wi-fi. The students are encouraged to use internet facility for literature survey and to get information on many new topics included in their syllabai.
  • The students are getting greatly benefitted in their preparations of NET/JRF/GATE examinations.

Laboratory Facilities

  • There are two well equipped laboratories for B.Sc. classes and four for M.Sc. Classes ( one each for previous, organic, inorganic, physical chemistry) and one for research.
  • All the laboratories have necessary equipments, apparatus and reagents as per latest U.G.C. syllabus with proper supply of L.P.G. and water at every seat in each laboratory.


  • There is a well organized library in the department having 3,500 standard books needed for post graduate level students.
  • The students are encouraged to consult these books and they regularly take advantage to upgrade their knowledge in the library.
  • Many new postgraduate level books as per latest UGC syllabai are purchased to enrich the library of the department.
  • The faculty members are issued INFLIBNET password to help them to access various national and international journals.


  • The faculty members and Ph.D students have participated and presented their research papers in different conferences and seminars from time to time.
  • The research areas are metal chelates, biochemistry, environment & pollution, polymer science, fungicides etc.
  • The department has published four hundred fifty research papers in various journals of national and international repute till now.
  • Thirty one research papers have been published since last NAAC inspection in 2007.
  • Seventy five students have got their Ph.D. degrees from this department so far.
  • Thirty four students have been awarded Ph.D degrees since last NAAC inspection in 2007.
  • The faculty members interact regularly with industries.
  • The faculty members are contributing in college administration in organizing various activities like conducting university examinations, maintaining discipline, debates, rovers & rangers, placement cell etc.

Ray Chemical Society

This society provides a good platform to the students to organise academic tours, seminars, quiz contests, guest lectures by eminent professors and scientists, projects and posters exhibitions, quiz competitions etc. These activities are very well needed for the overall development of the students.

Alumni Association of Chemistry Department

The students are interacting with old students and are getting greatly benefitted. A cultural programme of Alumni Association was organized in the Shanker Auditorium in the college this year.


  • Our M.Sc. students have been getting good positions regularly at University level since the inception of the department.
  • There is an excellent placement record of our students. They are well placed in the research organizations such as Ranbaxy Ltd., CDRI, Lucknow, RRL, Jammu, IIT, Delhi and BARC, Bombay.
  • Many of our students have joined civil services. Many of them have qualified for JRF/NET and are well placed in different reputed institutions.