Education Department

Department Faculty

Dr. Anita Kaushal
(Head and Associate Professor)
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Shri. Sushil Kumar
(Associate professor)
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Dr. Mamta Tripathi
(Assistant professor)
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Dr. Anita Chaudhary
(Associate Professor)
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Smt. Payal Gupta
(Associate professor)
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Smt. Alka Rani
(Assistant professor)
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Dr. Rashmi Sharma
(Assistnat professor)
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Kumud Rani
(Assistnat professor)
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Neeraj Tyagi
(Assistant professor)
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Mrs. Hema Agarwal
(Assistant professor)
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Smt. Nidhi Singh
(Assistant professor)
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Mrs Yogita Sharma Rathore
(Assistant professor)

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With the grace of Almighty, the Department of Education came into existence in 2005 with the efforts of Honourable Seth Daya Nand Gupta Ji, the Honorary Secretary of D.N. College, Managing Committee. Initially the department sanctioned 100 seats for B.Ed. (Bacholar of Education) course by NCTE and the course is affiliated with Ch. Charan Singh University Meerut. The department is runnig under self-finance scheme purely depended on college management resources. The department is running smoothly under proper guidance of Dr. Triveni Dutt (Principal of the college) and Dr. B.S. Yadav (Coordinator B.Ed. and Head of the Department of Physics).

At a Glance-

1. There are Eight Faculty members for teaching in the Department at present. There are five members as non teaching staff.
2. From the first session 2005-06 the result is 100% with unique achievement of more than 75% first class in each session respectively.
3. Co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities such as debates, Quizzes, Seminars, Tutorial, Group discussions, Workshop, Educational Tours and Scout & Guide Programmes are conducted in the department round the year in which both the teachers and students take active participation.
4. Various Faculty Members have attended the National Seminars held in different Colleges/ Institutions sponsored by U.G.C. and other educational agencies.

Unique Features :

The College provides theoretical as well as practical experience for performing duties as a secondary school teacher in the following teacher development activities:
(a) Administration, Scoring and Interpretation of Psychological Test.
(b) Operation of Audio-Visual Equipment's.
(c) Construction of Test Items and Examination Question Papers.
(d) Case Study / Action Research.
(e) Scout and Guide.
(f) Guidance & Counseling Cell.
(g) Participating in Cultural Activities.
(h) Physical Exercise, Games and Sports.

The college offers instructional treatment to B.Ed. students in four core courses: Teacher in Emerging Indian Society, Development of Learner and Teaching Learning Process, Development of Educational System in India and Essentials of Educational Technology and Management; Eight Teaching-methodology courses : Teaching of Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Physical Science, Biology Science, Mathematics, Social Science (Social Studies) & Commerce and four Elective Courses : Educational and Mental Measurement, Educational Management and Administration, Career information, Guidance and Environmental Education. Besides each teacher-trainee is subject to simulated and Micro Teaching Situations for Developing Teaching, Motivational, Evolutional, B.B. Writing, Sketching, Drawing and Preparing innovative Audio-Visual aids. To achieve this each teacher trainee has to plan twenty lessons in each of the two teaching methodology courses offered by him for senior secondary teaching.


(1)Institution has inter-library borrowing facility with the college library.
(2) Our Institutional library has approximately 4873 under 1562 titles 101 reference books magazines, & Journals.
(3) Our library is user -friendly and works harmoniously on democratic principals. It provides best, convenient and handy services to its users. It is constantly working in the direction of betterment of its services welcoming suggestions from its users. Every year the most avid user of library is honored by the authorities.

Associations/ Cell

For Well organization and implementation of activities various sub-committees are constituted which plan and execute their corresponding activities Student representation at various bodies like - Proctorial Board, Student Welfare Association, Alumni Association and Environment Club provide a platform to organize and conduct various activities and thus develop leadership potential, co-operation and group work culture among st them.

  • Students' Welfare Association (SWA) organizes programmes for all-round development of students. Students actively participate in various cultural, Sports and co-curricular activities at departmental, inter-departmental and inter-collegiate levels.
  • Academic and Career Counselling Cell run by the Institution work for the placement of students in reputed schools of city and adjoining areas. It also provides information regarding higher education, competitive areas and other options available in the field of teacher education.
  • Psychological Testing and Counselling Cell works for the personal/emotional well-being of the students.
  • Curricular, Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities focus towrads the all-round development of students and acquaint them with National and Social issues of concern.
  • Well organized Feed-back mechanism from students, Principal, Management and other stakeholders helps in quality improvement of the institution.


  • Medical aid and assitance are procided through Health Care Centre at campus.
  • Computer Learning Center, Having Internet Facility is development in the campus to cater the needs of students.
  • The Institution Canteen is set up in the college campus and offers snacks and beverages during college hours.


  • National seminar (Topic - New Trends in Education dated 12-13 March 2012).
  • Departmental seminar conducted every year.
  • Guide Camp During 2008-09, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-2013, 2013-2014.
  • Conducted community work in orphanage during academic year 2008-09, 2010-11, 2011-12.
  • Students were taken to on a educational tour Delhi & Hastinapur.
  • Various Competitions like Dance, Pot Making Thal & Diya Sajja, Mehandi, Debate, Extempore, Essay etc. were also organized.
  • Awareness Programme conducted on plantation. Environment day, Blood donation.

Future Perspective

The pass-out trainees are well groomed and chiseled to become efficient Secondary School Teachers and their abilities place them at reputed institutions providing secondary education where they perform with excellence and help in making future of the nation.