et Physics Department

Department Faculty

Dr. Bijender Singh Yadav
(Principal & Professor)
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Dr. M.K. Yadav
(Associate professor & Head)
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Dr. Ritu Saran
(Associate professor)
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Dr. Jayant Teotia
(Assistant professor)
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Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
(Assistant professor)
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Dr. Vijay Kumar
(Assistant professor)
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Dr. Saroj Sharma and Dr. Rohitash joined the department in the year 1966 who had extraordinary grip towards experimentation. Dr. Rohitash renovated and enriched our laboratories, especially in the field of optics.

Dr. S.D. Sharma joined the college in 1967. He organized lots of academic activities in the department with the collaboration of different colleges and Universities.

Smt. Shobhna Sharma was a useful addition to department in 1968. She preferred to write text books of Physics for competitive examinations. Unfortunately, Mrs. Sharma left for her heavenly abode on January 12, 2006.

Initially, Mr. B.S. Yadav joined the department as a part time teacher & Research Scholar in 1987 to work for doctorate degree under the supervision of Dr. S.D. Sharma and Dr. S.P. Gupta, the then Principal of D.N. College, Meerut. Later in the year 1990 he was appointed as per Permanent Lecturer. Besides, his teaching and research skills Dr. Yadav possesses exemplary administrative qualities.Dr. B.S Yadav was honoured by the honourable Governer and Chief Minister,UP with State level Saraswati Sammaan for his excellent contribution and devotion in the field of Higher Education. Dr. Munish Yadav was selected by Higher Education Service commission joined the department as Lecturer in 1995. The present status and enrichment of the department in instrumentation and library is the ooutcome of hardwork done by Dr. B.S. Yadav and Dr. M.K. Yadav.Dr. Ritu Saran joined D.A.V.College.MZN in 2001 as Lecturer & transferred to this college in 2008. Recently Dr.Jayant Teotia joined this department as Lecturer in 2009. and completed his Ph.D under the supervision of Dr. M.K. Yadav in 2014.

Research Activities

The tremendous efforts done by Dr. R.K. Goel in the field of molecular spectroscopy created a research environment in the department as early as 1978. Dr. Goel became well known at the national and international level in his field. He published more than 150 research papers in reputed national and internation journals . Many students were awarded Ph.D. degree under his supervision. He equipped laboratory and library and added a uv/visible spectrometer in the laboratory with the grants through a DST Project. Many students persued their doctrate under supervision of Dr. R.K. Goel and Dr. S.D. Sharma and a number of research papers were published by them.

Now-a-days the department has a well equipped research lab and a library having a good collection of rare books and journals such as Indian Journal of Physics, Indian Journal of pure and applied Physics, spcotrochimica Acta Pramana etc. About 55 students have so far been awarded Ph.D. degree under the supervision of faculty members and approximately 260 research papers have been published in various journals.

Extension of the Department

The department was upgraded and extended in year 1999 with the establishment of Post-graduate Classes under self-finance scheme. The department has well-equipped & furnished laboratories separate for previous and final classes along with the research laboratory. Now in 2018 Department has been shifted to a splended new building and the faculty members continue to put in their best in the enrichment of laboratories, library. Academically, it is pleasing to put on record that our students are continuously securing position in the University. Every year many students quality NET GATE and other competitive examinations. During last session most of the students passed with 1st division in their post-graduation. Various students have been selected and joined different reputed jobs. The table of university position holders in M.Sc. Physics is given blow university position in M.Sc. (Physics).

Year Name Position
2003 Shushma Garg V
2004 Bandana Kumari I
2005 Rekha IV
2006 Vineet Sharma I
2009 Abhilasha Abrol I
2009 Vipin Kumar II
2009 Raj Kumar XII
2010 Sanchita Jain II
2010 Shikha Bansal IV
2011 Sushant Kumar Singh IV
2011 Parul Singh X
2012 Shaleen Bhardwaj III
2012 Pooja Raghav IV
2013 Farah Naz I
2013 Anha Masarrat II
2013 Priyanka Sharma V
2014 Harsh Gupta 1
2014 Akshi Pawar II
2014 Shalini Sharma III
2014 Viran Bhardwaj V
2014 Anchala VI
2014 Pratibha Singh VI
2015 Manjali Sharma IV
2016 Shivani Chaudhary IV
2017 Harsh Kumar Sharma I
2017 Tanya Singhal IV