Brief History of the Department-

Department was established in the year 1958, with bachelor of science programme. Shri Ram Nath Singh Tyagi was the founder head of the department. He also worked as officiating principal.

From july 1991 to 1999, the department was run by Dr. V.K.Agarwal, reader mathematics department, with the help of tutors. The tutors had been oppointed by college management with their own resources.

In May, 1999, Dr. Ram Bali Singh, selected by Uttar Pradesh higher education services commissions, Allahabad joined the department as a lecturer and thereafter Dr. Krishna Pal Singh joined in Sep, 1999. Dr. Krishna Pal Singh got retirement in June, 2011. Recently, Mr. Shashank Baghel, selected by Uttar Pradesh higher education services commissons, joined the department in October, 2017 as capacity of assistant professor.

Department at a glance-

Department Faculty

Dr. Ram Bali Singh
(Head and Associate Professsor)
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Mr. Shashank Baghel
(Assistant Professor)
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At present, there are two faculty members in department:
1. Dr. Ram Bali Singh (Head of Department & Associate Professor)
2. Mr. Shashank Baghel(Assistant Professor)

Facilities and Infrastructure

  • One laboratory cum lecture hall with modern classroom facilities.
  • Lecture hall is equipped with LCD projector and sound system(e- classroom).
  • Department has 5 computers.
  • Besides this safe drinking water is available in the deapartment.
  • Facility guiding research scholars.
  • Internet facility is available to faculty members and students as well.
  • Our Achievements

    Our students are performing well and are giving excellent results.Besides this our students have great achievements in sports, NCC, NSS & extra curricular activities conducted by the college.Some of our students also got well paid jobes in private as well as Governmet sectors.

    The department has Statistical laboratory-cum-lecture hall equipped with LCD projector, speaker, smarty screen, five computer, three printers and eighty two scientific calculators. The internet facility is also available to the staff and students of the department. Beside this safe and cold drinking water is available in department.
    The faculty member has polished half dozen of research papers in international/national journals of repute and also attended dozen of international seminars/conferences and presented research papers in many of them. The faculty member of the department used to deliver lectures in other departments of the college.
    Now there are approximately two hundred students in the department at the graduation level. The faculty members work hard in teaching students and always keen to understand the problem of students in subject and sort out the problems through tutorial classes. Students used to produce excellent result in examination. Besides this students are always encouraged to participate in sports, social activities like blood donation, plantation, water conservation and also help them to choose best institutions for higher education.
    Every year Faculty use to participate and present papers in the seminars and conferences on regular basis and update themselves with relevant topics.

    Reserach publication and Seminars/Confrences

    • Dr. Ram bali Singh has published 08 Reserach paper and attended 12 Seminars/Conference training programme.
    • Mr. Shashank Baghel has attended 03 Seminars/Conference training programme.
    • Aim of the Department

      The aim of the department is to give good knowledge of the subject to the students theoretically as well as practically so that they can understand the subject in Statistical software packages so thst they can apply their knowledge in real life phenomenon benefiting the society Nation and World.Also it will be very helpful in getting them well paid jobs in private and Government sectors.

      In addition,Faculty members will update their knowledge by attending training programmes and seminars/confrences regularly.Moreover they will organise guest lectures of experts from time to time to acquaint themselves and students with the new devlopments.Special aim of the department is to make the students educated and well human being.