Zoology Department

The Department of zoology came into existence in July 1965 to cope up with the increasing demand of science education, Dr. Y. Purang, a well known zoologist and great writer, took the charge as Head of the department with handful of students and laid a strong foundation which prosper gradually till today. He later, left the institution in 1967, and joined NREC College Khurja.

Department Faculty

(Dr.SMT.) Anjula Jain
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Dr. (Smt.) Savita
(Associate professor)
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Dr.(Smt.) Vandana Garg
(Associate Professor)
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Dr. K.C. Singhal joined the department, after the departure of Dr. Purang, and worked hard to fulfil the aim for which Dr. Purang dreamed. He worked as HOD till Prof O.P. Garg became first appointed head of the department in 1969.

Dr. S.K. Sharma, joined the department in July 1969. Dr. S.K. Sharma inherited the teaching skills and surgeon like precision from his great teacher. Prof.S.S Khanna.

Dr. Swadesh Sharma joined the department in August 1969.Her sincere efforts, dedication for work geared up the academic progress of the department. In due course of time Dr. Kalpana Bansal and Dr. Ranjana Dhawan joined the department as faculty member in 1971 and 1972 respectively. The firm determination and untiring work of the faculty members under the guidance of Prof. Garg (approximately 11 hrs a day) raised the strength of the students and faculty which started with only one section of undergraduate classes to seven sections.
The post graduate course in zoology was introduced in 1982 and a student of very first batch stood fist in the university exam. The Post Graduate students of the department earned, time to time, the honour of obtaining various positions in the University Merit list.

Dr. Anjula Jain joined the department in 1989. With her addition the total strength of the faculty raised to six.
On retirement of Prof. O.P. Garg in June 1991, Dr. K.C. Singhal took the charge of the department and put his best possible efforts for its progress.

With the addition of Dr. Geeta Bansal as faculty member selected through the U.P. Higher Education Service Commission Allahabad, in March 1992, the vacuum in research activities, felt from a long time, was filled. The research work was started in due course of time and took momentum when the charge of the Department was handed over to Dr. S.K. Sharma in 1997. The research activities reached at full swing when Dr. Bindu Sharma and Dr. Savita Rani joined the department in 1999. At present all the faculty members are actively engaged in their respective fields of research specialization. Another valuable addition of Dr. Vandana Garg in 2004, a university position holder NET qualified raised the total number of faculty members to seven. The thrust area of research include, Immunology, Reproductive biology and Endocrinology, Environmental Pollution and parasitology. This could be made possible by the untiring efforts of Dr. S.K. Sharma, Head of the department, His intellect created the space for two research laboratories and four cubicles for teachers. This facility enhanced the academic atmosphere of the department by providing proper space for work.

Mrs. Swadesh Sharma held the position of HOD From 2003 to 1st Aug 2008 Her hard work and untiring efforts have placed the department amongst one of the best department of the institution.She became the principal of the college on 2nd Aug 2008 and Dr.Ranjana Dhawan took over the charge of the department and putting her best possible efforts to achieve new target of success. Dr. Ranjana Dhawan became Head of the Department after the retirement of Mrs. Swadesh Sharma on 20th feb 2009.

Dr. Anjula Jain held the position of HOD after the retirement of Dr. Ranjana Dhawan on 27th Now 2011. Her hard work untiring efforts have placed the deparment amongst one of the best department of the institution.


The department has one undergraduate and two post graduate labs, two well equipped research lab and one experimental lab for P.G. Students.There are two well set museums for nonchordates, chordates, a library for P.G. and research students and an animal house with there well furnished cubicles.


  • There are 3 permanent faculty members. All are Ph.D. holders.
  • Five major and four minor research projects is completed in the department
  • Animal House with three well furnished cubicles.
  • Partitioned well equipped Research Laboratories and one Experimentation Laboratory for P.G. students.
  • 24 Ph.D.'s awarded so far. 2 students are enrolled for Ph.D.
  • 67 research papers published by faculty members.
  • 60 research findings presented in conferences and seminars.
  • Computer with internet surfing facility. Total campus is Wi-Fi campus.
  • About 2000 books in departmental library. Five reputed Journals are regularly subscribed.
  • Regular seminars of P.G. students are conducted using aids like charts, models and overhead projector.
  • Excursion of students to Fish farms, Sanctuaries, reserve forest, Modern Laboratories etc.
  • P.G.Student hold several university position in The past years.
  • Students regularly participate in extra curricular activities like cultural programmes, NCC, NSS and Sports up to inter university level.
  • Carrier counseling committee of the department guides the students in searching appropriate carrier.
  • Guest lectures of well known personalities in the subject are arranged at regular intervals.
  • The faculty members help the college and university authorities as proctors, member of Grievance cell, girls redressal cell, dean student welfare, co-ordinator and as obsedvers in university exams.
  • The faculty members are fellow of Zoological Society of India and of SERC & ISC.
  • Many P.G.Students were Fellow conferred by NET, GATE,SLET, ICMR and U.G.C.Awards.
  • The faculty participated in framing U.G. and P.G. syllabus of University in 2003. Some act as subject expert in screening committee of other universities. Five National seminars were conducted by the department.
  • U.G.C & C.S.T. Sponsored National Seminar on" Ailing Earth Health Threats" was organized by the faculty on 19 - 20 th Dec.2007. and UCG sponsored National Seminar on "Recent Advancement in Life science : Potential benefits & Risks '' was organized by the faculty on 5th-6th Feb 2011. National seminar on changing scenario in life Science for future challengedheld on 2012.